Dhani Harrison Featured on At: Guitar Center

Dhani Harrison of Thenewno2 appeared on the cover of the April 2013 At: Guitar Center magazine; the issue featured an extensive interview with him and a run-down of his large guitar, amp and pedal collection. Front and center was a eye-catching Gretsch Silver Jet. "I saw that - what I like to refer to as

Clara C Performs for At: Guitar Center

Clara Chung - otherwise known as singer, songwriter and YouTube sensation Clara C - recently stopped by Guitar Center Hollywood to play a few songs from her latest album, The Art in My Heart. Click here (www.guitarcenter.com/podcast) to check out the full episode, and watch Clara C perform "Quesadilla" in the clip below. The Art

Tim Armstrong Appears On Guitar Center Podcast

Tim Armstrong recently sat down with Guitar Center's host Nic Harcourt for an exclusive podcast. In the hour-long session, Armstrong opens up about his legendary punk rock career with bands such as Operation Ivy, Rancid and The Transplants, and he even performs a few acoustic gems from his prolific catalog. In addition, Armstrong and his signature