Musician’s Friend Demos the G6136I Bono Irish Falcon

Brian Baggett of Musician's Friend Private Reserve recently took a close look at a Gretsch G6136I Bono Irish Falcon, the U2 frontman's signature guitar. After switching between each of the pickups and playing a few tunes, Baggett came away with a positive review. "It's a great Gretsch guitar," he said. "I can see how [Bono]

Bono Fears He Might Not Play Guitar Again

View image | Bono opened up about his Central Park bike crash in November 2014 in an A to Z post on New Year's Day on U2's website. "On the day of my 50th birthday I received an injury because I was over indulging in exercise boxing and cycling, which was itself an overcompensation

Gretsch & Bono Partner on New Signature Guitar

NEW (GRETSCH)RED RAISES MONEY TO FIGHT AIDS(RED)™ Gretsch and Bono have joined forces once again for a new signature guitar model, the (GRETSCH)RED. Bearing the special (RED) logo adorned on the pickguard and truss rod cover, every guitar sold will raise money for the Global Fund to AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The double-cutaway (GRETSCH)RED G5623

Bono Invites Fan Onstage, Gives Him Gretsch Irish Falcon

By Pauline France A completely unexpected act of kindness occurred when Bono invited a fan onstage during U2's concert at the Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville on July 2. Adam Bevell, a 32-year-old blind guitarist from Arizona, sat in the front row of the concert holding up a sign that read "Blind Guitar Player, Bring Me