Dirty or Ambient?

Check out the video clips below to achieve an Ambient Gretsch or a Dirty Gretsch sound.

In the first clip, Rick Heins plays a Gretsch White Falcon into a Super-Sonic 22 amp set clean, with a higher Treble setting enhancing the warm tone of the pair of Filter’Tron pickups. A TC Electronic Nova Delay is set to 417 milliseconds, in tempo with the pick + finger chord playing.

In this clip, Heins plays the White Falcon, set to the bridge pickup, into a Super-Sonic 22 amp. He’s on the BURN channel with a fair amount of preamp gain dialed up, which adds nice harmonic content to the simple, rootsy chordal style. A TC Electronic Nova Delay, patched in to the effects loop for cleanest performance with preamp distortion, is set to a 454 millisecond reverse delay. The clip ends with some nice feedback & Bigsby vibrato bar wiggle.