Stone Sour’s Root Used Gretsch on Audio Secrecy

Gretsch received a shout out in a recent Guitar Player article on Stone Sour guitarists Jim Root and Josh Rand, and their new album Audio Secrecy.

“For this album I wanted to push us in a bit of a different direction than we had been going,” said Root. “We spent so much time trying to do the opposite of Slipknot, we started losing sight of what we are as a band.”

The guys go into great detail regarding the various guitar parts on the album, gear used, and how they achieved a layering effect on some of its tracks. That’s when Gretsch pops up.

“I also do three-note arpeggios for countermelodies underneath certain parts to give them a lift,” explained Root. “One of my favorite things to use in situations like that is a Gretsch with a Bigsby through a Vox AC30, playing slow ambient parts with wavy vibrato.”

Pick up the 2011 New Products Guitar Player issue to learn more.