A T.S.O.L Concert Review … and More

photo by catechism

As long as you are not overly adverse to F bombs, there’s an awesome concert review + book review +   T.S.O.L history lesson to be found this week over at newsprint-fray.com.

“I can say that (TSOL frontman Jack) Grisham is huge (like the rest of the dudes in that band, for that matter), 6’3″ or so, and he prowled around on stage with this off-kilter smile on his face and he made the stage look tiny, like it couldn’t contain him,” writes newsprint-fray.com writer @catechism. “As for the rest of the band, Ron Emory (that’s his anniversary Gretsch and arm you see in the photo above) is some kind of guitar genius*****.”

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