Watch White Lies Perform “Death” at Lollapalooza

Watch below as British band White Lies perform “Death” at the 2011 Lollapalooza Festival. In the clip, bassist Charles Cave is yielding one of his Gretsch basses.

“They’ve done really well,” he said of his Gretsch basses. “We do get into gear but we don’t hoard gear like some bands do. I quite like to buy things, play them for a while and then sell them and use the money to buy something else as opposed to just keeping everything. I don’t need hundreds of different guitars or basses or effects pedals. You find really good ones and they just stay with you. At my small flat in London, I also have a really nice vintage electric six-string Gretsch that I found in a vintage guitar shop in London. They are very good looking instruments — really stunning. All of them, every single one.”

His bandmate, singer Harry McVeigh readily concurred.

“I have a White Falcon, and it’s one of the best looking guitars ever,” he said.