Dave Stewart Shares Gear With Vintage Guitar Magazine

Acclaimed guitarist, songwriter and music producer Dave Stewart has a stunning guitar collection, and you can see it in the November edition of Vintage Guitar magazine.

Inside the issue, Stewart talks in-depth about a guitar that tugged him right at the heartstrings, a Gretsch Rancher that once belonged to a Texan cowboy called Red River Dave.

“It was one of those things… I said to the owner, ‘I want to look at that one,'” Stewart told Vintage Guitar. “And then he had to step over 10 guitars, then climb a ladder on the wall to get to it!”

Stewart added that the Gretsch Rancher (pictured above) was the inspiration behind his new solo album, The Blackbird Diaries.

But the Gretsch Rancher isn’t the only Gretsch that inspires him. Stewart told Vintage Guitar that he’s faithful to his Tennessean, and especially his Country Gent.

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