The Tallest Man on Earth Moves Outside Lands

The Tallest Man on Earth at Outside LandsThe Tallest Man on Earth left his final American audience before taking a break from playing live shows a true gem.

Swedish artist Kristian Matsson played a lovely set at the Sutro Stage that called to mind one of the most-celebrated troubadours of all time.  Yes, people have compared Mattson to a young Bob Dylan, and perhaps those are big britches to fill.

But, Matsson’s earnest guitar strumming and emotive vocals are undeniable.  Songs like “1904” and “King of Spain” are heartfelt tracks that fit perfect with his acoustic guitar prowess.

And the fans that spanned a hundred yards back and up to the fence that lined the through-streets of Golden Gate Park.

With each guitar change – and Matsson used four different guitars on his first four songs – the excitement grew, even if it wasn’t immediately noticeable.  Taking a subdued route, Matsson relied on his infectious songwriting and impressive fretwork to win over the audience.

When he announced that Saturday’s show would be his last in the States for a while, there was admittedly a smattering of boos.

“Don’t boo me… I just have to disappear for a while,” he noted.

Of course, Matsson received cheers when he added later, “I’m just going to go home and record an album.”

Obviously, another record from the Tallest Man on Earth is highly-anticipated.  And it looks like Matsson is ready to deliver.

Regardless, Matsson put on a touching goodbye performance before leaving his American friends.