Get Ready for a We Are Augustines Documentary

RISE – The Story of Augustines is a documentary that follows the band We Are Augustines through their European tour and eventual show at London’s prestigious Roundhouse.

The film has gained steam through an impressive Kickstarter campaign that fully backed the endeavor.

For those that don’t know why their fervent fan base has followed We Are Augustines throughout the years, RISE offers unprecedented access to the group and features their passion and incredible live experience.

“Augustines evoke an incredible sense of providence in their story, and in their music,” wrote director Todd Howe, who was the former guitarist for the Boxer Rebellion. “Like the others interviewed for this film, I immediately was drawn to the band’s passion and artistry. So many people over the past few years have come together, giving selflessly to the band for one reason. Their music needed to be heard. I feel incredibly lucky to be in the unique position to make this film. Along with producer, and Big Vulture co-founder, Josh Kincaid, it is our intention that RISE transcends both music and band to stand on it’s own as a truly compelling film.

“This is an independent film. It is neither commissioned nor funded by the band. However, we have the blessing of all involved in the Augustines camp to document their story, with unrestricted access.”

Check out the trailer below.