Watch Zella Day Perform ‘Sweet Ophelia’ at Coachella

Pinetop, Ariz. native Zella Day held court at Coachella over the weekend, putting on a mesmerizing set if the clip below is any indication.

Wearing a ’70s pale-yellow pantsuit decorated with fish and matching headband, Day and her stellar live band perform “Sweet Ophelia” off her debut studio album Kicker, which has earned high praise from critics and listeners alike.

“What I am doing musically is very different,” Day said in an interview with “That’s something that has become very apparent to me – especially as I play more festivals and I am around more and more musicians. My live show is very band-centric and that’s not typical for a young female pop artist … I am playing pop music, but these are songs that I wrote on my guitar and there is a lot of storytelling going on. So my music is a throwback to the musicians that I love, the greats like Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, and Stevie Nicks. Those are the women that I really have modeled myself after in some way shape or form. That’s what I’m striving for, of course, but I haven’t got there yet. I only just turned 21, so I’m still figuring it out, little by little. But I know that there is a certain power behind what I am doing because I can feel the pull!”

Watch the clip from Coachella below, featuring guitarist Chris Oppold on his Players Edition Falcon.