Tiger Army Debuts New Single “I Am the Moth”

Nick 13 and psychobilly punk rockers Tiger Army are pushing genre boundaries with their new album V •••–, drawing from a range of influences that include Buddy Holly, the Ramones and a little bit of everything in between. Their first single “I Am the Moth” captures the many sounds the band has experimented with and sets the tone for what fans can expect on the new effort.

It’s easy to hear the trio’s retro rock inspirations from the first few chords. The main guitar riff is reminiscent of a Western movie, while the dramatic chorus features a theremin that cuts through the song like a haunting ‘60s horror flick. Nick 13’s breathy voice adds the modern touch to update the classic sounding single.

Nick 13 recently told Consequence of Sound that the song represents his “lifelong love of the night, the idea that perhaps some of us are predisposed to this biologically.” He added, “It also has to do with co-option of imagery and attitudes by people who claim to represent a lifestyle that they don’t live.”

V •••– will be available for download on May 20.

Preview the track below: