‘Ukulele’ Magazine Reviews Gretsch G9112

In its Winter issue, Ukulele magazine included a “Roundup of 7 Modern Resonator-Ukuleles Destined to Get Your Blood Flowing,” which featured our Gretsch G9112 Resonator-Ukulele in Vintage Mahogany Stain.

Tabbing it as the most affordable reso-uke on their list, the magazine shared its specs and offered commentary regarding its looks, feel and sound.

“Though it may be odd to say, given how much of the sound comes from the metal resonator, the wood body seems to impart a warmer tone than the metal-bodied ukes,” wrote reviewer Greg Olwell. “The Gretsch’s tone is balanced and even, but not as loud as the others; think more woodsy country-twang than screaming blues clang. A good choice for budget-minded players wanting some classic resonator looks, with a warm, mellow tone.”