The G5422TG Electromatic Earns Guitar World Gold

In the January issue of Guitar World, editor Chris Gill reviewed the G5422TG Electromatic and gave it the magazine’s Gold Award.

“The feel and playability of a great vintage Gretsch guitar is truly unique, and the G5422TG Electromatic delivers a playing experience that’s instantly familiar to the most devoted Gretsch fanatic,” wrote Gill.

Gill praised the G5422TG for its high-caliber style and quality at a price he called an “outrageous bargain.”

“The overall look and design aesthetic isn’t very far removed from Gretsch’s fanciest top-of-the-line ‘cowboy Cadillac’ models,” he wrote.

“If the looks of the G5422TG haven’t already seduced you, the sound inevitably will, as it provides that signature Gretsch growl and midrange honk that has graced everything from Eddie Cochran and Brian Setzer rockabilly to the hard rock sounds of the Who, the Cult, and AC/DC.”

His bottom line?

“Whether you’re lusting for your first Gretsch or just want to add yet another to the stable without breaking the bank, the G5422TG Electromatic is a worthy addition to anyone’s Gretsch collection.”

Click here to read the full review and watch a demo of G5422TG in action.