KT Tunstall Talks Gear on ‘Guitar Nerds’ Podcast

Scottish singer and guitarist KT Tunstall recently joined the Guitar Nerds podcast, touching on a what led her to utilize live looping and the Gretsch White Falcon she donned at the 2006 Brit Awards. “I was just so bored of the singer-songwriter, open mic night bullshit of sitting on stage with a guitar playing emotional

KT Tunstall Returns to Music with a New Carefree Mindset

A photo posted by KT Tunstall (@kttunstall) on Sep 22, 2016 at 8:41am PDT A few years back, Scottish singer/guitarist KT Tunstall was ready to walk away from music. “The feeling that I had was, ‘I need to burn the house down,’” Tunstall said to Entertainment Weekly. “My dad had died, I got divorced, I

KT Tunstall Releases New Album

Scottish songstress KT Tunstall releases her fourth studio album, Tiger Suit, today in North America. “It’s based on a recurring dream amongst other things, and it was only after I had decided on it that I discovered it was the Chinese Year of the Tiger,” Tunstall has said of her new album. In her dream,