T.S.O.L.’s Ron Emory: ‘Gretsch Are Rock and Roll Guitars’

“When I put one of those big [Gretsch] hollow bodies on, it’s making a statement,” said T.S.O.L. guitarist Ron Emory in a new Gretsch video. “And plugging them in, it’s different. My band loves when I play them.” Emory’s history with Gretsch dates back to his teen years when he was first smitten by the

The Manic Low Checks In With Gretsch Post

Vocalist Jack Grisham - most notably of punk stalwarts T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty) - has a fresh project in the works with The Manic Low. Combining with Sean Greaves, Rob Milucky and Paul Roessler, The Manic Low is shooting for an April 3 release for the band's new album, according its official Facebook page.