Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Wins NAMM Award for OK Go Ad

Once a year, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) turns the spotlight on some of the most creative and engaging ads that feature music instruments and music making. The 2013 winners of the NAMM Excellence Award for Music in Advertising are Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for their Chevy Sonic ad, titled “Let’s Do This/Needing-Getting/OK Go.”

The ad features members of the band OK Go driving a car rigged to play music with a little help from hundreds of guitars, pianos, and percussion instruments positioned along the driving course. Gretsch pitched in 148 black Gretsch G5105 Electromatic CVT III guitars and 140 red Gretsch G5103 Electromatic CVT III guitars to the video, as well as 67 Gretsch G5222 Electromatic Compact amps.

The presentation made at the 2013 NAMM Show held at the Anaheim Convention Center took place in front of 4,000 music-industry leaders at a breakfast session on the final morning of the four-day event. A. Eicoff & Company with UnitedHealthcare / AARP ad titled “Playing for Keeps” and Wieden & Kennedy’s “Music Teacher” for Target took home the days other top honors.

The winners were chosen from dozens of campaigns created in the last year for mainstream brands that feature musical instruments and music-making technology such as synthesizers and DJ mixers. The nominees’ spots promoted a vast array of products – from cars to credit cards – and incorporated everything from custom guitars and homemade drums to a human-body-powered one-man band. View a montage of the nominees here.

The trophies are actual musical instruments – ukuleles – that have been customized with one-of-a-kind artwork by California-artist Tyler Warren.

“Companies seem to use musical instruments in their ads because music-making elicits a positive feeling with consumers,” said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. “It is gratifying to see people playing music to communicate these messages, and a clear reminder of music’s power to move us.”

The NAMM Excellence Award for Music in Advertising celebrates a burgeoning trend in television advertising. Increasingly, music – particularly musical instruments and music-making technology – is moving into the spotlight when it comes to television advertising. From the frenetic guy who serenades Chase Freedom Card users on his blue guitar to the music teacher playing the keyboard as he riffs on what back-to-school supplies kids might need from Target, musical instruments are key to many memorable campaigns.

Watch the OK Go video below and visit their official website for more information.