Guitar Player Reviews the G2420 Streamliner

Guitar Player reviewer Mike Molenda tests out the G2420 Streamliner in the Gear Roundup feature in the magazine’s September issue.

Throughout the review, Molenda praises the Streamliner for its aesthetics, sound, value and comfort.

“The frets are beautifully rounded, the finish is near perfect, the internal bracing and wiring are tidy, and the hardware is sturdy and cosmetically appealing,” he writes. “The G2420 feels as comfy as a well-worn Pendleton shirt as it hugs up against your body, which makes playing it seem almost effortless.”

Molenda focuses on the modern, versatile and dynamic sound the instrument offers towards the conclusion of his review.

“The tone is shocking in a very good way, because there is nothing retro about it at all. This thing screams like a rock machine. Use it to reimagine super-charged rockabilly, stratospheric funk, agro jazz, or any kind of music that snarls and roars but it can also downshift dynamically to caress and soothe.”

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