Gretsch G5021E Limited Edition Rancher Penguin Parlor Scores ‘Guitar Player’ Magazine’s ‘Editor’s Pick’ Award

In Guitar Player’s Holiday 2019 issue, the Gretsch G5021E Limited Edition Rancher Penguin Parlor scored the magazine’s Editor’s Pick award. In his review, Jimmy Leslie marveled at the model’s beautiful design and expressive voice. “One look at the Penguin Parlor will tell you the guitar maker hit its target,” wrote Leslie. “The glitz factor is

‘Guitar Player’ Magazine Reviews Players Edition Jets

The Gretsch Players Edition G6228 Jet BT with V-Stoptail and G6128T Jet FT with Bigsby® nabbed a spot on the list of NAMM 2019’s coolest gear in the April issue of Guitar Player magazine, with reviewer Art Thompson praising the dynamic pair’s modern twist on a vintage favorite. “Classic beauties that harken to one of

‘Guitar Player’ Reviews Gretsch G6620TFM Players Edition Nashville

In its November issue, Guitar Player’s Michael Molenda takes the Gretsch G6620TFM Players Edition Nashville for a test drive. “There are few sights as drop-dead gorgeous to many guitar players as a Gretsch hollowbody or semi-hollowbody with a tiger­ flame top and a gleaming orange stain,” notes Molenda. “But it's a conflicted image. It screams

Guitar Player Reviews the G422T Electromatic

In the December issue of Guitar Player magazine, reviewer Mike Molenda takes the G5422T Electromatic for a test drive, applauding the instrument for its great looks and sound at an incredible value. Molenda notes that the G5422T is an affordable option in the Gretsch lineup that looks and feels comparable to its most high-end models

Guitar Player Reviews Gretsch G2622T Streamliner

Filling out your own holiday wish list or looking for gifts to make another musician’s wishes come true this year? Pick up the Holiday issue of Guitar Player magazine, and take a look at its “12 New Budget Electrics” article, featuring the G2622T Streamliner Center Block with Bigsby® in Torino Green. “The neck of the

Guitar Player Reviews the G2420 Streamliner

Guitar Player reviewer Mike Molenda tests out the G2420 Streamliner in the Gear Roundup feature in the magazine’s September issue. Throughout the review, Molenda praises the Streamliner for its aesthetics, sound, value and comfort. “The frets are beautifully rounded, the finish is near perfect, the internal bracing and wiring are tidy, and the hardware is

Guitar Player Tests Out a G6120 Brian Setzer Nashville

Guitar Player's Michael Molenda tested out a Gretsch G6120 Brian Setzer Nashville for the magazine's February issue. In the review, Molenda runs through the instrument's construction, control switches, pickups, playability and tones. "No matter what sound you're rocking, string-to-string articulation is exceptional. The Nashville may look like a retro, rockabilly twang machine— and it is—but

Billy Duffy Unveils his ‘Evil Twins’ in Guitar Player

Cult guitarist Billy Duffy unveils his "evil twins" - his signature White and Black Falcon - in the Guitar Player magazine February 2016 issue. After having rolled out a Gretsch signature White Falcon model in 2013, the company added a limited run of a Black Falcon in late 2015. "It was Ian [Astbury, Cult vocalist],

Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Gets Editors’ Pick From Guitar Player Magazine

Guitar Player magazine Editor-In-Chief Michael Molenda reviewed a Gretsch G5022CE Rancher in the magazine's July issue, honoring it with the Guitar Player Editors' Pick award. "The new G5022CE Rancher retains most of the awesome vibe, beauty, and tonal wonders of the much more expensive 2002 version," said Molenda. "While adding some rock-and-roll stage worthiness with

Guitar Player Features Q&A With Paul Pigat

Guitar Player magazine's September issue features a Q&A with Gretsch artist Paul Pigat. Although known mostly as a rockabilly artist, Pigat can play anything from jazz to punk music. "I love it, and it's been the thing I've done the longest, but I wouldn't call it defining," says Pigat of rockabilly. The Gretsch-wielding player also