Brian Setzer Announces New Concert Blu-Ray/CD

On Nov. 4, three-time Grammy-award-winner Brian Setzer will be releasing new concert Blu-ray/CD Rockabilly Riot: Osaka Rocka!, which was filmed on February 18 at Namba Hatch in Osaka, Japan.

Live and loud, the concert encompasses songs from the Gretsch signature artist’s acclaimed 2014 studio album Rockabilly Riot! All Original—a sizzling rockabilly effort from start to finish featuring his trademark twang and fretboard fire. Also included are classic hits from his Stray Cats days, Brian Setzer Orchestra tunes and tracks from his solo albums.

In front of the wildly enthusiastic audience, Setzer and his band—Noah Levy (drums), Kevin McKendree (piano and guitar) and Mark Winchester (bass)—are firing on all cylinders.

“When you look up rockabilly in the dictionary there is a picture of Mark Winchester,” says Setzer. “He grew up slapping the bass and is in a class of his own. And the relationship with the drummer and the bass player in rockabilly is very unique. The slap bass is a rhythmic sounding instrument, so the drummer has to be very in time with him in order not to sound sloppy. Noah Levy is a very on-the-beat solid drummer, whereas me, as a guitar player, I push everything while they hold it all in place. And when you’re talking about the great rockabilly piano players, it’s a very short list, and Kevin McKendree is on it. And he also plays guitar incredibly well.

“We all just complement each other.”

Setzer was also complimentary of the Osaka audience.

“This is the first time we’ve recorded the Rockabilly Riot on film,” he offered. “And also, just like in America, the cities differ in Japan. The Osaka fans are noted for generally being a very loyal and energetic audience. As you’ll see from the show, the Osaka fans are die-hard and know every single song and applaud after guitar solos, and even sing along to songs that I typically don’t see in other cities.”

Setzer and his 19-piece Brian Setzer Orchestra will visit 32 cities beginning Saturday, Nov. 12 in Appleton and make stops in Nashville, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others (full itinerary here). Get your tickets to their 13th annual “Christmas Rocks! Tour,” presented by SiriusXM at

You can also watch a teaser video clip below from the upcoming live concert release, and place your pre-order at