Behemoth Frontman Drops Video for New Side Project

Adam “Nergal” Darski of Polish death metal band Behemoth has partnered with British/Polish rock musician John Porter for a new side project called Me And That Man.

The duo has drawn heavily from blues, country and folk for their upcoming debut effort, Songs of Love and Death, due out March 24.

“With Me And That Man, the songs just come out in a very organic way,” said Nergal. “One would be bluesy, one would be more of a ballad, but put together they all made sense. I need Me And That Man  to keep the balance, as the potential of my mother band seems limitless. It gets bigger and bigger, more advanced and more sophisticated… and darker …and blacker. But Me And That Man is at the opposite pole, artistically speaking. With all the best art, once you have it in you, you have to release it, otherwise it becomes intoxicating and dangerous to your own system. This is how I deal with my emotions and my dark feelings and shadows. This is not happy music, but it’s liberating.”

Having already dropped lead single “My Church is Black” earlier this year, the duo has now debuted the official video for “Ain’t Much Loving.” Watch the somber tune below …