Miley Cyrus Belts Out Soulful Breakup Ballad on ‘Fallon’

A glamorously-clad Miley Cyrus made another appearance Tuesday night on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she belted out her soulful breakup ballad “Week Without You.”

Midway through, the pop country superstar adlibbed her lyrics. After singing “I’m sick of wearing this stupid dress,” Cyrus shouted out “but it looks good, doesn’t it, everybody?”

Also looking pretty darn good was her matching Gretsch White G5021WPE Rancher™ Penguin.™

Fallon certainly appreciated the performance, which included a healthy dose of pedal-steel and violin.

“Oh my goodness, wow,” reacted the very excited host. “Oh my goodness. You are so good.”

“Week Without You” appears on her new album Younger NowYounger Now, and you can catch the performance below.