Twin Atlantic’s Sam McTrusty On His G6609 Broadkaster Guitar

Sam McTrusty, the singer/guitarist for Scottish alternative rock Twin Atlantic, recently caught up with our Gretsch team to discuss his Gretsch collection.

In early 2017, Gretsch released its new Players Edition Broadkaster guitar. During the planning of these all-new guitars,  McTrusty was one of our artists who received  an advanced prototype to test out. Quickly won over, McTrusty now has a few of our Broadkaster models, including the G6609 Players Edition Broadkaster® Center Block Double-Cut with V-Stoptail in both Dark Cherry Stain and Black.

In the exclusive video below, McTrusty dives into a few of the key specs of these guitars, incluing the new U.S.-made Full’Tron™ pickups.

“They are kind of higher output, gain stage to sort of handle I guess more aggressive distorted tones with a bit more clarity and high mid punch which is perfect for the type of music that we’re playing right now,” he says.

Watch below to get a closer look and listen of these versatile and powerful instruments.