Six Reasons to Sling a New Electromatic Jet Baritone

For more than half a century, electric baritone guitars have lent their deeply satisfying sonic seasoning to every kind of popular music—from Spaghetti Western film music to surf, rockabilly and classic country; and from the ’60 and ’70s pop charts to alt/indie rock, prog, jazz, down-tuned molten modern metal and a good deal else. In

Dr. Molly Miller Gets Creative in Quarantine on a G5260T Baritone

Dr. Molly Miller was joined by her brother Sammy Miller for an Instagram quarantine sibling jam session for Guitar Center. In the session, Molly discussed how incorporating a Gretsch G5260T Electromatic® Jet™ Baritone into the mix expanded their tonal soundscape. “While quarantine hasn’t not been the highlight of my life, I feel very fortunate I