See Lindsay Ell’s New ‘Waiting On You’ Video

Country artist Lindsay Ell has dropped a new video for straight-ahead love song "Waiting On You" off her Kristian-Bush produced album Worth the Wait. Directed by music video veteran Peter Zavadil, "Waiting on You" cuts between scenes of Ell performing in a Nashville warehouse and her love interest playing records in a moody and woodsy

Getting Lost in Guitar World with Lindsay Ell

“I can play for hours and hours at a time,” says country artist Lindsay Ell. “When I’m home I can honestly have my amp going most of the day and time slips away from me when I’m in guitar world (as) I call it. It just brings me into a different place.” But it’s not

Watch Lindsay Ell’s Songwriting Session at Country Music Hall of Fame

In support of the Bachman-Gretsch exhibit at Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame, the very talented songwriter, guitarist and singer Lindsay Ell was invited to host a  Songwriting Session. Ell actually has a personal connection to Randy Bachman, who she met at age 13. The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive took Ell under his