A Gretsch Rancher Falcon Gets Some Screen Time with Bradley Cooper in ‘A Star Is Born’

There is no harnessing the talents of Bradley Cooper. The acclaimed actor has spent much of his career pushing the envelope to bring new approaches to cinema. In his directorial debut A Star Is Born, Cooper’s skills not only as an actor, but as a director and singer-songwriter are paired perfectly alongside the colossal talents

Freeze Frame Coachella Moments

With more than 250 bands scheduled across 8 different venues, it was impossible to cover all of the action of the 2017 Coachella Festival. But we did our best to roam the grounds and catch as much live music as possible. Below, we've rounded up a handful of highlights from an exhilarating second weekend in

Lady Gaga Releases Video for ‘Million Reasons’

Lady Gaga dropped the new music video for "Million Reasons" and it picks up where "Perfect Illusion" music video left off, with Gaga laying in the middle of the field after a car breakdown in the desert. A slew of black SUVs show up to the rescue, carting the songstress to the studio for hair

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Lady Gaga Performs on ‘SNL’; Debuts new Apple Music Spot

Lady Gaga celebrated the release of new album Joanne with an appearance on Saturday Night Live where she performed "Million Reasons" and a feverish rendition of country-pop-disco single "A-Yo." Gaga got an assist on guitar for "A-Yo" from producer Mark Ronson, and as the song progressed, the songstress went from shimmying across the stage floor to