Nigel Hendroff Discusses His Gretsch Penguin and Musical Journey with 440 Sound

Hillsong Worship guitarist Nigel Hendroff gave the team at 440 Sound in Atlanta, Ga., a close look at his Gretsch G6134 Limited Edition Penguin in Casino Gold during a half-hour video interview. “It’s got that chime to it!” said Hendroff as he played a couple licks on the Gretsch. “I love it. I like the

8 Christian Guitarists Chime in on Gretsch for Worship Musician Magazine

Worship Musician magazine helped close out the 2018 celebration of Gretsch’s 135th Anniversary with an in-depth article highlighting several Christian guitarists and their Gretsch testimonials. Ranging from their first Gretsch to their favorite model or memory to that iconic Gretsch sound, here are our favorite quotes from the piece! Guitarist Daniel Carson ,who plays with