‘That Pedal Show’ Runs Through Gretsch’s Expansive Tonal Offerings in New Video

In a recent episode of That Pedal Show called "What About Gretsch Guitars?," hosts Daniel Steinhardt and Mick Taylor run through the expressive tonal textures Gretsch guitars have to offer.   The guys kick off the demo with Taylor running through an ambient riff on a G5422TG Electromatic Hollow Body Double-Cut and Steinhardt toggling through

That Pedal Show Features the Gretsch Players Edition Anniversary

UK's "That Pedal Show" has posted a new video featuring the Gretsch Players Edition G6118T Anniversary model in Lotus Ivory and Charcoal Metallic. In the clip below, host Daniel Steinhardt may struggle to recall all of the numbers in this model's name but that's no indication of how familiar he's gotten with this professional guitar