The Lone Bellow Release New Album & Behind-The-Scenes Video For Single ‘Just Enough To Get By’

The Lone Bellow release behind-the-scenes look at recording new song “Just Enough To Get By.”

Watch as the Lone Bellow Owns the ‘Conan’ Stage

Every time we see Brooklyn trio the Lone Bellow live, we just can't help but wish our Gretsch crew could catch them some day at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans, holding down the Gospel tent and inspiring a sea of swaying bodies, foot stomping and outstretched hands with their brand of soulful and rollicking

Watch The Lone Bellow’s ‘May You Be Well’ Video

Brooklyn based indie-folk trio The Lone Bellow treated fans to a new video for the incredibly soulful track “May You Be Well.” The song, which appears on third album Walk Into a Storm, was originally written by lead singer Zach Williams as a letter to his oldest daughter Loretta during a long tour. "I was

What Inspired the Lone Bellow’s Brian Elmquist to Play Guitar?

Brooklyn-based indie folk rock trio the Lone Bellow started off 2015 with the release of sophomore album Then Came the Morning. Having written more than 40 songs while out on the road touring, the band teamed with the National guitarist Aaron Dessner on the recording effort, spending two weeks at Dreamland in upstate New York,

Watch the Lone Bellow Perform ‘Take My Love’ on Conan

Celebrating the release of latest album Then Came the Morning, the Lone Bellow recently appeared on Conan to perform the single "Take My Love." The electrified song shows the band at their most heartfelt, with frontman Zach Williams putting his all into the vocals and guitarist Brian Elmquist getting killer tone out of his Gretsch