Gretsch on ’60s U.S. Series TV

Gretsch guitars were all over the tube in the 1960s. Big hollow-body guitars remained in widespread use in rock and pop throughout the entire decade, and it seemed at times as though you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a TV set that was showing some variety or music show featuring some band that had

Five Rockin’ Gretsch Movie Moments

—————— The summer blockbuster movie season is upon us, and we’ve got movies on the mind after thinking about some of the best Gretsch moments that have graced the silver screen over the years. From rock to country to rockabilly, bands both real and fictitious have reached for Gretsch instruments, whether electric or acoustic. So with that in mind, here are five great Gretsch moments from feature films:

Michael Nesmith Preps for U.S. Tour with the Monkees

With the exception of a short run of European dates in 1997, Michael Nesmith has not toured with the Monkees since 1969. But that all will change soon with a 12-show U.S. tour in the coming month.