Gretsch Goes Behind-The-Scenes With Brian Setzer’s Guitar Tech Tyler Sweet

Brian Setzer’s guitar tech Tyler Sweet showed off the rockabilly legend’s eccentric touring rig of Gretsch guitars in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video during the Stray Cat’s 40th anniversary tour.  At the time, Setzer’s rack was loaded with several of his custom 6120 models, like the flashy “Spotty,” the crowd-favorite Smoke guitar and a can’t-miss sparkle

Tom ‘TV’ Jones and Guitar Tech Tyler Sweet Share Their Insight on Brian Setzer’s ‘Smoke’

Famed luthier and pickup guru Tom “TV” Jones and Brian Setzer guitar tech Tyler Sweet discussed the legacy of Stray Cat frontman’s famed Gretsch guitar “Smoke” in an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview. “Over the years I have worked on many of Brian’s guitars,” said Jones. “But this guitar, Smoke, I have worked on five times as