‘Vintage Guitar’ Reviews Vintage Select ’55 Falcon

Vintage Guitar’s Michael Dregni reviewed the G6136-55 Vintage Select Edition ’55 Falcon in the magazine’s September issue, awarding it as “VG Approved Gear.”

Dregni tees up the review with a brief history of the original 1955 Falcon—“the pink Cadillac of guitars”—that segues into an explanation of the 2016 Gretsch product line hierarchy, from the Vintage Select and Players Editions to the Electromatic and Streamliner Collections.

The glowing review also offers an in-depth description of the many luxuries the Vintage Select Falcon is equipped with, including gold sparkle binding, TV Jones T-Armond pickups, “Squeezebox” capacitors, and Grover Imperial tuning machines.

As the review notes, the ’55 Falcon’s “looks would make Liberace drool,” but it also is a tonal masterpiece that ranges in versatility.

“You can make music ranging from White Falcon designer Jimmie Webster’s jazz to trebly rockabilly to Stephen Stills’ and Neil Young’s classic rock drive,” writes Dregni. “It’s fluid, smooth, and a wonder, making you sound better than you thought you ever would.”

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