Angus and Stevie Young Talk Malcolm’s Influence on ‘Power Up’ with VG

In the January issue of 'Vintage Guitar,' Angus and Stevie Young chatted about how Malcolm Young inspired the tonal style heard on AC/DC’s latest studio album 'Power Up.'

The Steve Wariner Nashville Gentleman Gets Glowing Review From ‘Vintage Guitar’

Vintage Guitar magazine’s Zac Childs reviewed the new G6120T-SW Steve Wariner Signature Nashville Gentleman in the August issue, and came away loving the personal touches the country singer outfitted his signature model with. “By combining his favorite features from vintage and modern Gretsches and then adding player friendly modifications and a beautiful custom finish, Wariner

‘Vintage Guitar’ Reviews the Gretsch G5622T Electromatic

Vintage Guitar magazine's October issue takes a close look at the Gretsch G5622T-CB Electromatic® Center Block with Bigsby®, coming right out of the gates with high praise for its bang for the buck. "Enamored with the Cadillac of guitars, can't quite spring for a Coupe deVille, and don't want to get stuck with an econobox?

Vintage Guitar Reviews the Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet

The G6128T-CLFG Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet was reviewed in the June issue of Vintage Guitar, earning the magazine’s stamp of ‘Approved Gear.’ Gallup’s very brief stint with Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps had an innovative impact on the music industry that forever changed guitar in rock-and-roll. His influential contributions inspired many musicians, like

Vintage Guitar Explores the Rare Gretsch 6130 Round-Up

In the May issue cover story of Vintage Guitar, the magazine shines a spotlight on the charming Old West allure of the rare Gretsch 6130 Round-Up. The article details the history of this unique guitar, which first made its debut in 1953 to catch the attention of the country market. With the rising popularity of

Gretsch 1955-’62 Penguin Makes Vintage Guitar‘s Most Valuable Guitars List

In the October issue of Vintage Guitar, the magazine marked its 30th anniversary with a look at the 30 most valuable production guitars. In compiling their list, VG took into consideration innovative materials, parts, shapes, connections to players and/or songs, and mostly, the laws of supply and demand. A 1955-'62 Gretsch 6134 White Penguin made

‘Vintage Guitar’ Reviews Vintage Select ’55 Falcon

Vintage Guitar’s Michael Dregni reviewed the G6136-55 Vintage Select Edition '55 Falcon in the magazine's September issue, awarding it as "VG Approved Gear." Dregni tees up the review with a brief history of the original 1955 Falcon—“the pink Cadillac of guitars”—that segues into an explanation of the 2016 Gretsch product line hierarchy, from the Vintage

‘Vintage Guitar:’ The Making of the Tom Petersson Signature 12-String Gretsch Bass

In its October issue, Vintage Guitar magazine caught up with Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson, Gretsch luthier Chris Fleming and Gretsch Custom Shop Master Builder Stephen Stern to talk about the partnership, design and development behind Petersson's new signature 12-string Gretsch White Falcon bass. "I love the look of classic'50s and '60s instruments, and Gretsch

Vintage Guitar Reviews Gretsch Electromatic Center-Block

In its November issue, Vintage Guitar reviews the Gretsch G5655T-CB Electromatic Center-Block, which features a solid-spruce center block designed to cut feedback when things get loud. The magazine reviews the instrument's key feature set, finish and set-up, and also details some of the sounds wrangled from this little beauty. "A Black Top Filter’Tron pickup near

BIlly Duffy Featured In Latest Vintage Guitar

The Cult's Billy Duffy landed on the cover of July's Vintage Guitar, in which he talks about his trusty Gretsch White Falcon and his band's upcoming album, Choice of Weapon. Duffy reminisced about the first Gretsch he ever owned, a double-cutaway stereo 1970's White Falcon that he no longer has. "I had to sell that