‘Guitarist’ Features the Jet Set Gretsch Shoout!

The latest edition of Guitarist magazine is jam-packed with Gretsch love. Starting with the stunning cover shot of the Cadillac Green G6128T-57 Vintage Select ’57 Duo Jet™, the November issue features a triple threat review of Gretsch guitars including the aforementioned ’57, the G6134T-58 Vintage Select ’58 Penguin™, and the more affordable G5439T Electromatic® Pro Jet™.

Each guitar received a myriad of praise from reviewer Ed Mitchell.

“The Electromatic Pro Jet is a solid bit of kit,” he wrote. “It looks the part, punches above its weight in terms of build quality versus price, and it puts out some convincing tones.”

For those willing to spend a bit more, Mitchell pointed to the Duo Jet.

“If you want a classic tone machine that’ll transport you back to a time when amplifier distortion was still regarded as a fault, the ’57 is a dream,” recommended Mitchell.

Mitchell couldn’t get over the era accurate Vintage Select White Penguin either.

“Befitting its top-of-the-line status, the ’58 Penguin comes with a nitrocellulose finish, ebony fingerboard, and oodles of gold sparkle,” said Mitchell. “The fact that you can own a vintage spec, nitro blasted clone is the best thing that’s happened to us Gretsch addicts for years.”

As a bonus, Guitarist also throws in a quick look at the stunningly beautiful G6128T-CLFG Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet™.

“It’s heartwarming to see Gretsch pay tribute to such an influential, yet still relatively unknown musician,” noted Mitchell.

See Guitarist’s demo video review below and don’t forget to grab a copy of their November issue by CLICKING HERE.