Duane Eddy 6-String Bass Among Fretboard Journal’s ‘Five Things We Loved at NAMM 2018’

Michael James Adams of Fretboard Journal walked this year’s NAMM show floor in Anaheim, Calif., intent on fully taking in all the incredible products that the music industry had to offer. After a whirlwind week, the author came back with five things that he loved, including the all-new Gretsch G6120TB-DE Duane Eddy 6-String Bass.

“If there’s one product at NAMM that threatens to drain my petty cash reserves, it’s this one,” wrote Adams.

The signature bass caught Adams eye because of its unique looks and features including a 30.3” scale length, hollow body construction with ’59 trestle bracing, Bigsby® B6C vibrato, and twin Dynasonic pickups.

“It’s as if Gretsch crossed a Black Falcon and a Fender Bass VI, and the results are stellar,” he said.

Unfortunately, Adams missed the unforgettable “Tic-Tac Twang” event in the Gretsch booth that had Duane Eddy on-hand to unveil the new model, but was impressed nonetheless when he was able to take it for a test ride himself.

“Through the provided Fender Deluxe Reverb, this had all of the throaty, twangy tones I expected; as an avid Bass VI player I felt right at home with this instrument,” said Adams.

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