Darrel Higham Dishes on New Solo Album; Picks his Favorite Rockabilly Albums

Photo courtesy of MusicRadar/ © Simon Lees/Future

U.K. rockabilly guitarist Darrel Higham recently caught up with MusicRadar to dish on some of his favorite rockabilly albums. In the article, Higham also talked about returning to his three-piece roots and his new upcoming solo album. Expected out in January 2017, Hell’s Hotel features a slew of guest artists.

“Jools Holland is playing on three songs and Robert Plant is singing a song on the album,” Higham told MR. “Imelda’s [May] very kindly done some backing vocals for me, and Snowboy, a legendary jazz-funk percussionist, is playing on four or five songs as well.”

Higham also took time to discuss a Gretsch 6120 that he brought by their studios.

“It’s a Custom Shop 6120,” he shared. “I’d always wanted one of them. To me, it’s the perfect balance of old and new, because they were built exactly how they were built back in the day – but they’re brand new. So you don’t have an awful lot of the issues that you have with a guitar that’s 60 years old. It’s just the most beautiful guitar in the world, I love using it.”

As far as his favorite rockabilly albums — anyone out there think they can guess at least five of his favorite right?

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