Players Edition Anniversary wins ‘Guitarist Gear of the Year’ Award

U.K.’s Guitarist magazine dedicated much of its December issue to featuring their 2016 standout gear selections, and Gretsch is proud to report that our Players Edition Gretsch G6118T won a “Guitarist Gear of the Year” award in the Semi-Acoustic Electrics category.

“Improving on the classics might be a no-no for vintage-tone freaks, but for many gigging players dealing with the idiosyncrasies of the past is a no-go,” noted the mag. “Featuring deft tweaks to increase the usability of the Gretsch semi format, the Anniversary was the guitar we just couldn’t put down. From jaggedly charismatic drive tones to Western Swing, it delivered tonal gold in so many styles.”

The magazine also gave mention to Gretsch’s mid-range Electromatic Collection, while claiming that the” entry-level G2622 Streamliner double cut was also very impressive this year, especially at the price.”

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