Watch Band of Skulls’ Rig Rundown

In a new Rig Rundown with Premier Guitar, Band of Skulls’ Russel Marsden goes through the gear he’s currently using out on the road, including his Gretsch G6118TV-LTV 130th Anniversary Junior, which he says is “the other end of things” compared to his Jazzmaster guitars.

A longtime Falcon user, Marsden said he’s steered towards using the Anniversary Jr. as of late, calling it a “dual Gretsch rock and roll machine.”

“It’s a fast little guitar,” he said. “Some of the things from our third record Himalayan, are a bit more Gretsch-y, swampy, bluesy sounds. It doesn’t quite got the depth of a Falcon in the sense of if you play it cleaner or slower song or more beautiful, cleaner Gretsch sound, but for the dirty, glam rock, punk sort of sound, the TV Jones is great. Because it’s smaller, you can really get around quickly.”

Watch the clip below …